Découvrez nos vidéos Tutoriels pour faciliter votre expérience avec notre système Wyn-CE et le logiciel d’acquisition




How to Install the capillary in the Wyn-CE cassette? 3  
How to clean the Wyn-CE Electrodes? 1  
The Wyn-CE System: a simple and intuitive use 1  
An introduction to the use of Clarity Software 1  
Presentation of the Clarity real time acquisition Window 1  
Presentation of the Clarity Instrument Window 1  
Introduction to carry out a Calibration with Clarity Software 3  
How to assign a Calibration to a signal with Clarity Software? 3  
How to assign a Calibration file to a method with Clarity Software? 3  
how to create second calibration level using Clarity? 3  
How to make a recalibration using Clarity? 2  
how to  work with electropherograms using Clarity? 1  
how to easily run Clarity with a different configuration 3  
how to easily export results from Clarity software? 2  
how to easily print results from Clarity software? 1  
How to export Clarity Results to Excel? 1  
how to easily integrate peaks in Clarity software? 2  


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